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Caddie Woodlawn Literature Study Questions

Literature Study Questions for 
Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink

These are very simple study questions designed to get the students to pay attention to what they are reading.  They are also suitable for oral narration if you are reading aloud.  They can be used with upper elementary and middle school students.Author’s Note 

According to the Author’s Note, what did the Mrs. Brink use as the basis for her story?

Copy the last paragraph.

Chapter 1How would you describe Caddie in this first chapter of the book?

How did Caddie meet Indian John?

Chapter 2

Why does Mr. Woodlawn let Caddie run around with the boys instead of acting like a young lady?

What do Mrs. Woodlawn and Mr. Tanner have in common?

Chapter 3What was Mr. Woodlawn’s policy about hunting pigeons? Why?

Describe Uncle Edmond.

Chapter 4

Why did Uncle Edmund choose to take Caddie hunting?

What did Uncle Edmund do to Caddie, and what was her reaction?

Chapter 5Why did Uncle Edmund want to take Nero with him?

What four kinds of food did the Woodlawns gather or raise in this chapter?

Chapter 6

Compare Caddie Woodlawn with Katie Hyman.

Why was the school only open in the winter?

Describe what happened with Caddie and Obediah.

Describe what happened with Miss Parker and Obediah.

Chapter 7

What was Caddie’s favorite part of the school week? Why?

What interesting thing did Caddie do as she was recovering from her illness after the accident on the ice?

What do the Woodlawn children find out about their father and their grandfather?

Chapter 9
What secret does Caddie keep for her brother Tom?

How does Caddie respond to the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner?

Chapter 10Why is Caddie’s mother concerned about her?

What rumor does the Woodlawn family hear?

Chapter 11

How does Caddie’s mother respond to the arrival of all of the neighbors?

How does Caddie’s father respond to the rumor about the Indians?

Copy this sentence: “A fine mist, almost but not quite like rain, hung in the air and curtained all horizons in obscurity.”

What does Caddie decide to do at the end of this chapter?

Chapter 12

In the paragraph which begins, “Carefully now, Betsy,” list five verbs that describe how Betsy moved. Note how this sets the tone for the paragraph.

What happens when Caddie arrives at the Indian camp?

Why did Caddie not want John to go back with her, and what was his reaction?

What happened to Katie when she saw Caddie return?

Chapter 13

What did Indian John ask Caddie to take care of for him?

Why is Hetty so delighted at the end of this chapter?

Chapter 14What sad thing happened in this chapter?

What did Caddie do to help the situation?

Chapter 15

Describe Robert Ireton copy the sentence on page 172 which begins, “On counting up the gate receipts…”

Why was Tom concerned after the show?
 Chapter 16

In what manner did Caddie and Warren each recite their poems on speaking day?

What happened on the way home from school? (Give some detail!)

Chapter 17

On the first page of this chapter, copy the two paragraphs at the bottom of the page, starting with “All play and no work…” If this is not enough of a challenge for you, have your parent or sibling dictate it for you to write down.

What assignment did Father give to Tom, Caddie, and Warren?

Why did Caddie and Warren like Tom’s stories so much?

What is your personal opinion of the story of Pee-Wee?

Chapter 18

What was the importance of the Little Steamer?

What good news arrived?

What did Caddie realize about her sister Hetty?

What bad news did Mr. Tanner bring?

Chapter 19

Who were the “two unexpected heroes” and why?

How did Obediah change in this chapter?

Chapter 20

Describe Annabelle Gray in your own words.

What two tricks did Tom, Caddie and Warren play on Annabelle?

Chapter 21

Compare how Annabelle responded to the pranks that had been played on her in chapter 20 with how Caddie reacts to her mother’s punishment.

What did Caddie’s father say to her about womanhood, and what did she think about it?

Chapter 22How did Tom and Warren react when Caddie showed them her new quilting skills?

What news came in a letter with a foreign stamp?

Chapter 23

What decision did the Woodlawn family need to make, and how would they go about making their choice?

Why did Caddie’s mother choose as she did?

Chapter 24What three travelers came to the Woodlawn home, and why?

Copy the last two paragraphs and tell what they mean to you.

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