Saturday, January 16, 2010

Web Links for the Bible as Literature

The Bible as Literature

Next weekend (January 23) I am presenting a workshop on "The Bible as Literature" at the Books & Beyond conference here in Orlando.

I am finalizing my handouts right now, and wanted to make some of my Bible/literature related blog posts and web pages easier to find.

In the 7th-8th grade home school co-op English class that I teach, I try to incorporate Biblical themes as often as possible.  We have done literature studies on the lives of Joseph, Daniel, and Esther.  We learned about Psalms and Proverbs for a week or two each.  We usually do integrated literature/art/music/Scripture units for Christmas and Easter.  And we often study books that highlight Biblical themes, such as The Bronze Bow, which is set in Bible times, or The Witch of Blackbird Pond, which is set in Puritan America.

I don't have all of this on the web yet, but here are links to some of our studies and other resources. 

Free study guides and resources for Biblically themed literature and/or writing

Art and Study Questions for the Book of Daniel
Art and Study Questions for the Book of Esther
Psalms Study Guide

Read, Reflect & Respond Bible Note Page

The Art of Albrecht Dürer to accompany The Hawk that Dare Not Hunt by Day novel about Bible smuggling during the Reformation

Biblically themed poetry by Virginia Knowles

Corpus Christi poem by Virginia Knowles

Bible Gateway - read the major Bible versions on-line

English Standard Version - on-line Bible

Life of Christ - look for Bible Harmony chart with story references for Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Songs and Hymns - lyrics, music, background, more

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - tons of good books on-line for free

Biblical Art - wonderful web site with lots of masterpieces based on the Bible, but please prescreen to make sure each picture is appropriate

Literary Forms in the Bible PDF file
Leo Tolstoy's short story “Where Love Is, God Is”

Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Total Language Plus - literature studies from Christian perspective

Progeny Press - literature studies from Christian perspective

The Book of Virtues edited by Bill Bennett

Treasures of the Snow  book by Patricia St. John, Switzerland
Star of Light  book by Patricia St. John, Morocco
Rainbow Garden  book by Patricia St. John, Wales

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